With more than 10 years of experience in embedded computing and networking, Arbor has already proven its ability to deliver card-based solutions to integrated systems with well-defined manufacturing processes and long-term availability. term.

Arbor's embedded computing solutions and networks have been successfully used in areas such as transport, online service, medical, automated production, telecoms, networks, information systems and defense. Many users benefit from our services in terms of productivity gains, efficiency, value for money and reliability.

Our mission - Solve your problems

As the embedded computing market is constantly evolving and particularly competitive, choosing the right partner is strategic. ARBOR offers a complete range of solutions, from the embedded board to the integrated system, which will facilitate the realization of your project.

With a combination of high-performance, standard, custom, customer-centric, feature-rich, and well-designed platforms, you can easily deploy any embedded architectures, such as home automation, industrial automation, mobile computing, point-of-sale terminals, mini-controllers, platforms for equipment and gaming machines.

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