Born in 1989, Atoll is the only implant with clip-on connection. This connection will give you a considerable advantage in the aesthetics of:

- perfect adaptability to all cases
- the invisibility of the pillars
- guided sulcular regeneration

Mineralized Plasmatic Matrices

Aggregation into a homogeneous compound of fibrin rich plasma and biomaterials.

- Facilitates overall cohesion and control of grain dispersion
- Secures the transport of fillers to the receiving site
- Improves the penetration of plasma platelet fractions of blood into biomaterials
- Revolutionizes the surgical procedure by maintaining the biomaterial on the site

The Atoll trainings have developed trainings so that you can perfect yourself.

We offer you :

- a complete training course in implantology, ranging from "simple" surgeries to "advanced" surgeries
- combined FRP and biomaterial trainings to transmit you the protocol of realization of the MPM

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