Besmed is a leading manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan specializing in respiratory care, emergency care, anesthesia and health care products. Our company is certified to ISO9001, ISO13485 and BPF Taiwan quality standards. Besmed offers fully integrated design, tooling and engineering to take you from design to production quickly, efficiently and economically work from your sketch ideas or drawings.

Our engineers use one of the advanced CAD systems to develop the device or component that will exactly meet your design requirements. We manufacture complete in house to enable us to be more in control of allHistory process in manufacturing to provide high quality products. We have advance molding equipment and modern techniques of silicone injection molding liquid, solid injection molding, plastic injection mold injection and rotating mold.

We specialized in high performance plastic engineering equipment like liquid silicone, polysulfone, polycarbonate and special PVC formula compound to produce manual insufflator, aerosoltherapy, oxygen therapy and aircushion mask, with EO gas sterilizer and room white, class 10000 to allow us to provide sterile products.

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