BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Srl was founded in 1991 in Arezzo, as a biochemical research company: it has been involved in the development, production and trade of rapid diagnostic products. After the first years, BSI expanded its product and service offering, becoming an organization capable of offering its customers the following:

Fill the lines of kits, already dispensed in disposable cuvettes, for rapid clinical chemistry in the human and animal sectors; whole blood, serum or plasma can be used; whole blood, serum or plasma based on pre-filled bowls. Portable, automatic and semi-automatic portable laboratory photometer lines. Portable systems for rapid determination of blood glucose in dry chemistry (OEM production). Portable multi-parameters based on dry chemistry technology.

The products and services of BIOCHEMICAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL are mainly directed to customers who operate in decentralized conditions, such as emergency units, veterinary clinics, surgeries, blood transfusion centers, end-users for glucose monitoring.

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