In many fields, laser medicine has established new methods and procedures. Biolitec AG and its subsidiaries have provided a crucial impetus for nearly twenty years: innovations are being converted into breakthroughs that have simplified therapy for physicians and patients.

Therefore, we are conducting intensive research on how laser and photo-dynamic substances can be used to bring new improvements in traditional processes and methods. These innovations clearly symbolize progress in medicine.

In addition, our presence in the global core markets ensures positive commercial development, thus forming the basis for further expansion. That's why, in many countries, biolitec AG is today's market leader. The company's production plants in Europe, the USA and Asia provide close proximity to an on-site market and the flexibility required. We offer special solutions, an individual service for our customers.

In doing so, we pay constant attention to the quality of our products. Thanks to the exchange with the users, biolitec AG constantly optimizes its processes in order to realize innovations in a better and faster way

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