Our history goes back to 1991, when we began distributing a wide range of radiological units worldwide, providing solutions to the demanding needs of modern radiology by offering a wide range of products such as:

- Mobile X-ray Units
- Mobile arches for orthopedics / vascular surgery / interventional radiology
- Rad systems, for routine diagnostics / F R systems
- fluoroscopic radiographic examination
- Panoramic and intra-oral dental units
- Mammography Unit
- Veterinary X-ray

The IMC is the ideal partner for any distributor wishing to deal with conventional and digital X-ray systems manufactured in Europe that we are able to provide a wide range of medical equipment, from mobile units to systems complex, and satisfy any type of requirement from hospitals or private clinics. We know for sure about our value for money being one of the best available on the market today and aimed at our entire satisfaction customers through constant attention and paid care before and after the sales process is our mission.

Since joining the company, we have been consistently growing our sales volume in most markets where we are active (more than 40): this means that our efforts to continually improve the quality of our products and services have been successfully rewarded and our brand is now internationally recognized and appreciated.

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