Dialab GmbH was founded in 1972. In the early eighties Dialab launched a research and marketing program in the field of diagnostics, which resulted in the interest of many medical institutions in the former Eastern European countries. . Today, Dialab with its headquarters and main factory, located in Vienna / Austria, is a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic and laboratory - it offers the widest range. Laboratory diagnostics worldwide

We are dedicated exclusively to supporting the clinical laboratory and providing a more complete range of products, based on mainly 3 product lines, namely Clinical Chemistry Reagents, Immunologic Reagents and Coagulation Reagents. In order to maintain our commitment to research and development, we give research grants to universities and private institutions in Austria and other European countries.

DIALAB's continued success can be attributed to the high quality of the product, the sophisticated formulation of our reagents, and competitive prices. Our reagents have great diagnostic potential in areas such as cardiovascular disease, systemic connective tissue disease, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, liver diseases, diagnostic tumor, immunodeficiencies including AIDS and related infections, hepatitis, and organ transplant rejection. With 40 years of combined experience in research and marketing, we are firmly committed to continuing to add new innovative products in the future. At this point, we want to express our appreciation to you, our customers, for your support, suggestions and interest in our business. Without you, we would not be here today.

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