Vero software is a world leader in the development of CAD / CAM software with solid references. Choose independence and performance with WorkNC DENTAL ...

A real open solution

Intelligent processing of your STL or native files without using the original CAD software. WorkNC Dental uses many automatic algorithms to recover lost STL data from the CAD system. This way, you maintain the reliability and repeatability of your machining processes without depending on a dental CAD application.

Possible control of all machines in the laboratory. WorkNC Dental manages more than 100 types of dental machines around the world via a fully open system. It reduces the use of material and training needs and increases your independence from suppliers.

Choice of your production consumables (optimization of tools and materials costs)

A real automatic machining solution

- Machining ranges optimized by material in 4, 3 + 2 or 5 continuous axes, (optimization of machine use for metals, ceramics, plastics, nano-composites)
- 3D management of kinematics and machine dynamics (automatic collision management, continuous 5-axis control without TCP)
- 5-axis automatic toolpaths for machining undercuts (eliminates manual operations for the treatment of retentions required for cosmetics)

A true versatile solution

- Machining of all types of dental parts in all materials (clevis, bridge, custom abutment, bridge or bar on implant, pre-machined parts, models, chassis, attachment, scanner-landlord ...)
- Automatic management of different production processes (slab, plate, bar, ceramic block or composite, customized ...)
- Become more autonomous and maintain your machining experience by customizing your machining ranges (model) with WorkNC

A real machining module dedicated to implants

- Automatic machining of prostheses on implants as simple as screeds or bridges thanks to integrated or customized geometry library
- Automatic management of different production processes (slab, plate, bar, ceramic block or composite, customized ...)
- Machining of implant connectors based on an exact 3D geometry (non STL) guaranteeing the reliability and repeatability of the production
- Compatibility with major dental CAD for recovery of positioning and orientation data
- Connector libraries compatible with the main implant systems supplied with the associated machining ranges
- Users add custom connectors using existing machining ranges
- Versatility of the Implantology module to treat different types of parts and processes: abutment and bridge direct implant, abutment and bridge for bonded interface ...

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