The Head-Balance Oral Gymnastics Machine naturally balances ATM.

The muscular dysfunction of TMJ causes muscular tension in the whole body, especially in the neck, which can lead to migraines, headaches, neuralgia, vertigo and insomnia. An imbalance of the TMJ can also cause postural problems resulting in pain in the shoulders, herniated discs, problems of hips, knees and Achilles tendons.

For example, bruxism is particularly related to stress, which causes muscular tension in the face, neck, neck, shoulders and upper back. Regular exercises with the Head Balance not only help to balance the TMJ muscularly, but also relax those muscles. This leads to the fact that the person does not tighten the jaws, suppressing many cases of bruxism.

Why is the balance of ATM deficient?

Many patients, as a result of dental problems or others, come to solicit only one side of the ATM, during chewing.

Similarly, a poor occlusal balance may result in muscle fibers fortifying while others relax, causing a damaging imbalance. This imbalance is then transmitted to a number of muscles ensuring balance between the head, neck, shoulders, back and chest, which are in turn destabilized. The pathological tensions induced by their action on the nerves and vessels can trigger disorders such as tinnitus, back pain, or other disorders mentioned above.

Clinical studies for this product are underway. These studies are carried out in several hospitals and on several pathologies:

- Impact of ATM imbalance on posture
- Sub-dislocation and dislocation of ATMs
- Bruxism
- Tinnitus
- Snoring and sleep apnea

These devices are available from stock for immediate delivery !!

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