The family business Kröber Medizintechnik has been manufacturing and selling medical devices in the home care range since 1981. We have developed rapidly, and our newly built factory in Dieblich, opened in 1999, is just an indication of success of our recognized and reliable medical devices.

Commitment and continuity, sustainable and innovative technology as well as the development of market-oriented products are the principles that motivate the family and employees of Kröber Medizintechnik GmbH. We enjoy exemplary development in the past. Our company is recognized as innovative and reliable in the market.

We are sure that, with the participation of the younger generation, we will be in a position both to maintain and expand our market share in the future. The growing use of our products outside of the medical sector makes us demand even today and secure our vision of long-standing continuity. In 2003, the extension of our quality management system to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2003 and at the same time, the introduction of a digital quality management system were successfully achieved.

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