Established in 1999, Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is specialized in high technology medical device development, production and sales. Lepu has built a leading group company focusing on heart therapy, with products including interventional cardiology, occlusion devices, cardiac valve prostheses, pacemaker, in vitro cardiac diagnostic products, angiographic equipment and anesthetic products.

Lepu Medical Group have 7 joint-stock subsidiary companies and wholly owned, including Shanghai Shape Memory Alloy Co., Ltd. (SHSMA), Beijing Star Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (Medical Star), Beijing Medical Target Technologies, Ltd. (Target medical), Lepu Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Lepu Technology), Lepu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Lepu equipemnt), and Shaanxi Qinming Medical Co., Ltd. (Qinming Medical).

The headquarters of Group Lepu locates in the Changping Technology Park, with more than ten thousand square meters own workshop for production and equipped with more than thousands of production and testing of advanced equipment. He grew up as a development and medical industry of the production base in China. Until October 2013, Lepu has more than 1,600 employees, including hundreds of technical specialists in the pharmaceutical, materials engineering, electromechanical engineering, precision processing, and medical engineering sectors.

The company confirms "integrity, quality and scientific innovation", as its spirit, dedicated to all medical staff and patients and provide its best quality products and services, and seeks to build first-class international brand interventional medical devices.

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