Standing, raising and walking with Sara Plus Special Care

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Thursday, April 9, 2020Description :
Sara Plus is a powered standing and raising aid designed for active transfers, balance, stepping and gait training. ENHANCING MOBILITY THROUGH EXERCISE With a detachable foot plate and the support of the arc rest and sling, Sara Plus is designed to support balance, stepping and gait training. UPPER BODY SUPPORT The arc rest is an integral part of the lifting mechanism, providing additional upper body support during the raising action. ONE CAREGIVER Designed for operation by a single caregiver, Sara Plus can be a cost-effective solution for standing transfers, stepping and gait training. SLING SOLUTIONS The sling is designed specifically for Sara Plus. It provides a secure attachment to the lifter that holds and supports the patient or resident close to the arc rest. Various sling types are available: standing, transfer/walking, and wipeable. SCALE AS OPTION Optional built-in scale contributes to an easier weighing routine.

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