Teleconcepts "Converged IP Solutions Architect" is an expert in multimedia and application network architecture: TELEPHONY, TELEVISION, SECURITY, VIDEO, which meet the needs of the market of a single interlocutor.

Our Sales Engineers are specialized in SME / COMMUNITIES / HOUSING / HEALTH. Our value proposition takes into account the specificity of our customers but also more precisely their own organization, their development project, in order to bring their daily problems into line with the appropriate technological responses. Each offer is architected for the company's development space according to its real needs within a properly sized budget open to productivity gains, operational savings and a quick return on investment.

Téléconcepts specializes in Hospital Communication Solutions and responds perfectly to the evolution of the current market.

Born from the merger of three companies specializing in telecommunications, since 1998 the company focuses its activity on network and computer infrastructures. The implementation of technical and commercial training plans, as well as the recruitment of Engineers quickly allow a rise in competence on unified communication and multimedia network offers.

The numbers of success

- More than 15 years of experience

- More than 1000 active customers

- More than 220% growth in 5 years

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