TiMOTION T-TOUCH - Anti Collision Sensor Technology

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Thursday, March 28, 2019Description :
t-touch, no more ?OUCH?! To learn more? https://goo.gl/2sZwUT TiMOTION cares about workplace safety, so we have developed t-touch to help minimize the risk for damage to an electric sit-stand desk or the user if the desk accidentally collides with obstacles during operation. This new sensor technology is an innovative hardware-based solution that can detect if a system has collided with an object, fallen out-of-sync with the other legs of the desk, or shifted during operation. If one of these conditions is met, t-touch immediately sends the control box a command to stop and reverse the desk’s operational direction. Compared to a software-based detection system, t-touch is more sensitive, stable, and works independently of the load and temperature.

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