Walking with a Walker

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Thursday, April 9, 2020Description :
Walker Walker provides the support for taking that first step – for both patient or resident and physiotherapist. THE FIRST STEP A training tool for the gym, treatment area or ward that provides secure conditions for taking that first step. HI-LOW FUNCTION The hi-low function reduces transfer risks for both patient and physiotherapist when the patient is raised/lowered to/from the standing position. SECURITY AND COMFORT FEATURES Adjustable handgrips enable the patient to take a firm hold, the U-shaped table supports and the back/suspension straps prevent falling. STRAIGHT STEERING AND BREAKS The straight steering device helps the patient walk straight ahead. Walker has brakes on two castors. FREE ACCESS Walker’s open sides give the physiotherapist free access to the patient’s hips, knees and ankles for assisting gait training.

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