Hopitech - Study & training days for hospital techniques and engineering


Hopitech - Study & training days for hospital techniques and engineering
Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - Friday, October 4, 2019Description :

Each hospital worker, at his or her level, participates in the primary mission of a healthcare establishment: patient care.

Each profession exercised with competence allows the best expression of the other professions. Initial competence is complemented, throughout a career, by everyday experiences. Sharing knowledge and successful experiences, such as failures, helps decision-making, encourages innovation, strengthens positions and avoids mistakes.

The hospital is a whole, each of which must understand the reforms and the changes. It must be the best tool at the service of the patient, the best response to the needs of our fellow citizens; a tool that must constantly be modernized, made more comfortable and accessible, secure, supply and manage; it is also the place where we take risks together.

It is therefore logically together that we must imagine the hospital of tomorrow, train in new technologies, good practices, deepen our knowledge in the fields of hospital techniques and engineering and arm ourselves to meet regulatory requirements. HOPITECH is a place for sharing experiences and knowledge, open to 7,000 technical hospital managers ...

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