Electronic Lock with Bluetooth and keyboard Fit-In Code Ble


Electronic Lock with Bluetooth and keyboard Fit-In Code Ble
Description :

The electronic hotel lock with Bluetooth and keyboard for numeric code and smartphone opening.

The Bluetooth electronic key and the numerical code can be generated by confirming the reservation so as not to depend on Reception opening times. The electronic lock CODE BLE is suitable for both new facilities and renovations.

Two modes of mechanical configuration :
- FIT-IN: compatible with the mortise lock previously installed on the door
- FREE-TURN: free operating lever and mortise lock.

Guests can access the room, and any other room, using their own Smartphone with the access credentials they receive in an app. The electronic key can be sent when confirming the reservation; thus avoiding waiting times for the guest upon arrival at the hotel.

Numerical Code
Access to the room using a code provides the ultimate in convenience and independence for the customer. The code can be given in advance so you don’t have to depend on Reception opening times, you avoid carrying anything physical and you don’t have to rely on your Smartphone.

Opening, management and maintenance via the installation of Gateways.

Management Software
Possibility of managing the facilities using software on a local PC/server, on the Cloud or via a smartphone app.

Fit-In Technology
OMNITEC offers the ideal solution for all those installations that want to incorporate, at minimum cost, a totally flexible, advanced, secure and effective access control technology. With the incorporation of a new system of plates and levers, OMNITEC makes it possible to maintain existing mortise locks and enjoy all the functionalities of the Fit-In electronic hotel lock. CODE BLE electronic lock allows updating of the obsolete and insecure magnetic band, chip or RFID systems.


- Opening of electronic locks via a numerical code and Bluetooth.
- Configuration, lock event list and emergency opening codes sent from the Administrator's app.
- Backlit rubber keypad for easy use in low lighting environments.
- Guaranteed operation in the most adverse climatological environments. Stainless steel AISI 304 manufactured.
- Visual and acoustic indicators to facilitate their use by disabled persons, as well as for additional functionalities such as low battery warnings to personnel, privacy indicator, etc.
- Includes NON-volatile memory which even when batteries are changed, allows the conservation of the openings record, with information of user, date and time.
- Equipped with real-time clock, which facilitates the management of any of the entries by personnel and guests.
- Hidden mechanical cylinder, for auditable emergency openings.
- Recorded emergency opening by means of a mechanical key, numerical code, Bluetooth or proximity tag.
- Operates with 4 standard AA batteries with duration of up to 20,000 openings.
- An API and SDK are available for hotels that want to develop their own app.
- Supported door thickness: 32-65 mm. For other door thicknesses, please consult us.
- Opera with Android 4.3/iOS 7.0 or higher.
- By installing Gateways, all devices equipped with Bluetooth become devices on-line, allowing remote management from the front desk pc or with a Smartphone.

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