Thermoabsorption Minibar Noble


Thermoabsorption Minibar Noble
Description :

The NOBLE model thermoabsorption hotel minibars provide confort and functionality to your guests without assuming large investments and with low maintenance costs for the hotel. 100% silent hotel minibar: no moving parts and no fans, absolute silence guaranteed. Thermoabsorption hotel minibars incorporate mixed Peltier/Absorption technology. The liquid coolant gasifies after absorbing the heat from the evaporator, then liquifies slowly while it goes through the condenser, the heat is dissipated evenly at the same time. The liquid comes down to the evaporator through gravity.

General characteristics

- Technology: Thermoabsorption.
- Voltage: 220-240V (110V optional).
- Power: 65 W.
- Energy Efficiency: up to A+.

Standard Features

- Silent, 0dB.
- CFC Free, environmentally friendly.
- Auto-defrost.
- Adjustable thermostat.
- Low consumption LED lamp.
- Same hinge for left or right opening. Easy and fast change.
- Adjustable tray and racks, maximum use of available space.
- 3-layer glass door.

Specific Project Options

- Lock.
- Sliding guide.
- Casters.

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