3Shape launches entry-level TRIOS 3 Basic intraoral scanner

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 3Shape launches entry-level TRIOS 3 Basic intraoral scanner
Thursday, February 21, 2019Description :

Go Beyond on your Digital Journey with 3Shape and do more

3Shape announces at its Midwinter press conference today the release of an entry-level version of its award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner: TRIOS 3 Basic.

Go Beyond analog impressions with TRIOS 3 Basic

TRIOS 3 Basic features the same core scanning technology as in all TRIOS models: Now making the market’s best scanning technology available for customers who previously may not have had the budget to go digital. TRIOS 3 Basic enables professionals to go beyond conventional impression-taking with a predictable and efficient scan and send-to-lab digital workflow.
TRIOS 3 Basic comes with unique-to-TRIOS features like, AI Scan, Real colors and shade measurement, but does not include TRIOS excitement apps like, TRIOS Patient Monitoring, TRIOS Treatment Simulator and Smile Design or restorative and orthodontic software. TRIOS 3 Basic can be upgraded to a TRIOS 3 model that includes the TRIOS excitement apps. Additional restorative and orthodontic software are purchased separately.
Like all TRIOS models, TRIOS 3 Basic features a lightweight scanner handle, ultrafast insane speed scanning and documented accuracy for indications from implant scanning to orthodontics. TRIOS 3 Basic is available as a wired, pen-grip model. 3Shape recommended introduction price for the 3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic is: $23,500 USD.

Go Beyond scanning with patient excitement apps and open workflow options
All 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners and software, including 3Shape Studio apps, are open solutions. For professionals that means an unrivaled range of integrated components, clear aligner solutions, bracket libraries, teeth libraries and in-house and send-to workflow options. It also ensures professionals interfaces to virtually all materials as well as trusted connections to leading third-party mills and compatibility with all 3D printers. 3Shape believes that when it comes to patient care, who, what, and where, should be up to the professional to decide.

New Clear Aligner Studio
A complete solution that enables professionals to design and produce clear aligners in the practice, with a high return on investment potential.

New TRIOS Design Studio
For in-house design and production of a broad range of restorations, including standard and screw-retained crowns*, inlays, veneers and three-unit bridges.

New Splint Studio

Design and produce splints, night guards, protectors and similar dental appliances with a simple, fast and intuitive workflow*.

TRIOS patient excitement apps
TRIOS patient excitement apps enable professionals to go beyond scanning and do much more with their digital impressions. From Smile Design, and Treatment Simulator for orthodontics, to tracking changes in the teeth with Patient Monitoring, TRIOS patient excitement apps help professionals to improve their care and their patients’ experience.

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