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Quality Beyond Reliability
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Quality Beyond Reliability – How Dentsply Sirona defines experience for treatment centers

When it comes to experience around treatment centers, Dentsply Sirona can look back at a proven, long-standing history in the dental industry. But there is also another way of looking at experience: the high quality that turns a dental treatment into a first-class experience for both – the patient and the dental team. These two interpretations of ?experience? are reflected in Dentsply Sirona’s quality commitment ?Quality Beyond Reliability?.

With more than 100 years of experience in the dental industry Dentsply Sirona has gained an in-depth knowledge and expertise on how to empower dentists to provide innovative dental care to their patients. To that end, over 600 highly qualified scientists and engineers are working on new solutions in Dentsply Sirona’s Research and Development (R&D) department today. Their inventions shape the future of treatment centers, for example in terms of dentist ergonomics and patient positioning. Dentsply Sirona is giving its best to develop and produce comprehensive solutions that support an optimal treatment situation with one goal in mind: to convey a feeling of well-being and positive experience to both, the patient and the dentist.

Going the extra mile for a first-class experience
Dentsply Sirona’s treatment centers mirror the high expectations regarding experience in three ways: First, Dentsply Sirona cooperates with dental professionals and industry experts while testing and evolving the treatment centers. Second, the production process of all treatment centers adheres to the high standards of Dentsply Sirona’s vision to deliver innovative dental solutions to improve oral health worldwide. ?Finally, our colleagues in production commit to providing highest product quality by rigorously testing all components. And that is one example of how we go the extra mile for our customers?, explains Michael Geil, Group Vice President Equipment & Instruments at Dentsply Sirona.

Unique experience to touch – the motoric headrest
The motoric headrest – made of high-grade German steel – is one tangible example for a well-thought-out feature that contributes to the treatment centers’ unique product experience. This component determines the crucial positioning of the dentist’s treatment area: the patient’s mouth. The following aspects explain why the motoric headrest makes an essential contribution to the overall treatment experience:

- Time saving: Before, during and after a treatment, the headrest usually needs to be adjusted several times to allow for different angles and access. With the motoric headrest, the dentist can focus on the patient and save 30 seconds on average per treatment. Additionally, the motoric headrest can be adjusted prior to the treatment when the patient is registered via the Sidexis software. A time-consuming manual adjustment of the headrest is not necessary. Over an assumed number of 2,200 patients annually a dentist could save up to 18 hours per year of working time.

- Perfect positioning for patients and dentists: The motoric headrest’s flexibility allows to position the patient’s head in an optimal and comfortable way. This prevents posture-related pain due to prolonged sitting. In addition, the chair’s automatic vertical mouth point positioning ensures a constant working height for the dentist regardless of the patient’s actual height. Thus, dentists avoid unnecessary movements and benefit from the best view and access while remaining in an ergonomic position.

- Focusing on the patient: Thanks to the automatic, gentle and effortless positioning of the motoric headrest dentists can concentrate on their patients and work.

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