PhysioMG : new generation of magnetotherapy

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PhysioMG : new generation of magnetotherapy
Monday, April 15, 2019Description :

Available models: PhysioMG 815, PhysioMG 825, PhysioMG 827

PhysioMG series – new generation of magnetotherapy

Astar, the leading manufacturer of physiotherapy equipment in Poland, presents a new system for low-frequency magnetic field therapy. The PhysioMG range of devices offers the possibility of performing therapies based on three generators in combination with solenoid applicators, with plate applicators positioned on dedicated structures and the local ones fixed with belts on the therapy area. Everything is completed by a new construction of the couch and a trolley for the applicator.

The PhysioMG line is also a series of technological innovations that ASTAR is introducing on the market. The first innovation is the CS75 applicator with a diameter of 75 cm, the largest possible ! The second is the use of the visual indicator of field activity in solenoid applicators which confirms the act of execution of the magnetic field treatment.

The third innovation is the magnetic belt system, that is the sensory indicator of field activity of which the PhysioMG line is equipped as standard. The modern dimension of magnetotherapy manifests itself in this case with vibrations experienced by the patient during treatment.

Modern technology is also DUAL MODE thanks to which magnetic field therapy takes on a dynamic character.

The dual channel of PhysioMG system offers the possibility to combine the magnetic field distribution of two types of applicators in a low frequency magnetic field treatment. In this mode, we use the CS60 or CS75 solenoid applicators and a CPEP plate applicator. This functional set is a combination of CS60 with CPEP and CS75 with CPEP respectively.

The treatment combines the effects of an applicator with solenoids and plate applicators positioned on the injured area of ??the patient. The first has systemic and vitalizing effects, the second is a local therapy on the area of ??dysfunction.

Simultaneous operation of two independent magnetic fields with variable frequencies causes from the physical point of view the change of the field in which the dynamic vector acts as a resultant of the induction. Magnetic field therapy therefore acquires specific properties and thus triggers an additional stimulation of the organic structures present in the low-frequency magnetic field. The effectiveness of the magnetic field definitely increases.

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