Double up Your Lab’s Scanning Speed and Accuracy !

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Double up Your Lab’s Scanning Speed and Accuracy !
Tuesday, March 12, 2019Description :

Brand new and upgraded 3Shape CAD/CAM solutions for dental labs at IDS

3Shape, the leading 3D scanner and CAD/CAM global software provider, now unleashes dental lab potential with the brand new – double the speed and accuracy – E4 lab scanner, and significantly improved workflows in its dental lab CAD/CAM software.

Double the speed! Double the accuracy! 3Shape introduces the E4 lab scanner

3Shape introduces its brand-new E4 lab scanner at IDS. Designed for a lab’s ultimate productivity, the E4 is 3Shape’s fastest and most accurate scanner to date. It scans a full arch in eleven seconds with an accuracy of four microns. That’s double the speed and accuracy of 3Shape’s E3 lab scanner!
The E4 also reduces workflow steps and saves time for labs with impression scanning and the scanning of dies while they are still in the model. Like all 3Shape E scanners, the E4 includes auto-start scanning and articulator holder support.

Increased productivity and stability with Dental System 2019
3Shape presents the latest upgrade of its industry-leading CAD/CAM software for dental labs, Dental System 2019 at IDS.
3Shape Dental System 2019 provides labs with significantly improved solutions for in-demand treatments dentures, splints* and clear aligners as well as predictable workflows for a complete range of restorative indications, from crowns to implants.

Optimized workflows for digital denture design and production
Enhancements to 3Shape Dental System’s Denture Design software coupled with industry-developments for materials and manufacturing now make it highly profitable for labs to produce dentures digitally. 3Shape’s digital denture software provides labs with step by step workflows for designing and producing dentures as well as helping labs to reduce production costs and improve efficiency. 3Shape introduces several new innovations to its Denture Design software at IDS.

New innovations to denture design software include:

Avoid gluing individual teeth in blocks with automatically connected teeth in single or multiple blocks and optimized for both milling and 3D printing

Design single arch dentures using customized teeth while adapting to the antagonist using a virtual articulator

Easily design try-in dentures and check them on the patient with optimized try-in denture workflow

3Shape Clear Aligner Studio

3Shape Clear Aligner Studio gives labs full control over the clear aligner planning, setup, staging and the production workflow. The updated Clear Aligner Studio presenting at IDS, brings 20-40% efficiency gains to the setup and staging and includes automated features such as ID tagging, attachment placement, and sizing – developed in conjunction with user feedback. With 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio, labs can optionally choose to share files with expert design service partners for the setup and staging.

All 3Shape solutions can be hands-on demoed at the 3Shape IDS booth, Hall 4.2, Booth N-090.

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