Surefil® one and TruNatomy™: Big steps forward in the dental workflow

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Surefil® one and TruNatomy™: Big steps forward in the dental workflow
Wednesday, March 13, 2019Description :

Innovations in consumables often result in big advances for the workflow in a dental practice because of their frequency of use. Dentsply Sirona took an especially large step forward with the development of Surefil® one, an advanced self-adhesive restorative technology. It simplifies and accelerates filling treatment considerably. The TruNatomy™ root canal treatment solution is just as effective as it is simple.

Being able to provide nearly every patient with treatment that is fast, simple, aesthetic, and stable in the long term – Dentsply Sirona keeps this important issue for dentists in mind when further developing its range of consumable products. At the IDS 2019, the world's largest manufacturer of dental products and technologies will present the restoration material Surefil one, which allow cavities to be treated with an aesthetic, durable tooth coloured filling faster and more easily.

Restoration material combines glass ionomer and composite
Surefil one is an innovative filling concept for posterior teeth. Posterior restorations are the most frequently performed restoration, making up more than half of all fillings. So it is all the more important to have a solution at hand for every clinical need. Surefil one is a self-adhesive restoration material that is forgiving and combines the simplicity of a glass ionomer with the stability of a conventional composite, all without sacrificing the aesthetic outcome. Dentists can treat a cavity without an adhesive and without retentive preparation in just one layer, making the filling procedure more efficient and safer. This technology is indicated especially for cases where clinical, time, or financial aspects have to be considered when restoring a tooth.

Redefining root canal treatment
Dentsply Sirona is proud to be showcasing the TruNatomy™ Root Canal Treatment Solution at IDS 2019. TruNatomy’s™ unique combination of features was developed in partnership with skilled practitioners, Dr. George Bruder and Dr. Ove Peters, leaders in the field of endodontics, working in partnership with the Dentsply Sirona’s Maillefer Research and Development Engineering teams. TruNatomy capitalizes on Dentsply Sirona’s 130 years of experience in manufacturing files like ProTaper and WaveOne Gold families. Combining Swiss precision and advanced engineering, the TruNatomy range offers clinicians a solution that provides efficient performance and increased respect of the tooth anatomy, combined with a smooth user-experience.

Additionally, there is a growing interest in maximizing the preservation of dentin in endodontics and TruNatomy addresses that need, thanks to its slim, highly-flexible alloy wire and regressive taper. TruNatomy enables clinicians to provide a smooth predictable root canal treatment even in cases with curved canals or limited straight line access. TruNatomy is available with matching ConformFit gutta-percha points, paper points and irrigation needle.

Innovations simplify traditional workflows
"Our developments in consumables provide solutions to dentists' challenges in filling treatment and endodontics as well as with the emerging digital dentistry," says Thomas Leonardi, Group Vice President Consumables Dental Product Group at Dentsply Sirona. And, as a result we expect reduced chair time for our patients and improved patient satisfaction.?

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