Carestream Dental's new CS 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System

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Carestream Dental's new CS 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System
Thursday, February 26, 2015Description :
The CS 9000 3D is one of the most user-friendly conical beam tomography (CBCT) equipment on the market. Its imaging system offers many versatile solutions to your needs in extraoral imaging. Combining 3D focused field technology and dedicated panoramic imaging, this affordable 2-in-1 camera lets you win on both tables as it offers the highest resolution combined with the lowest radiation dose.
Features & Benefits

Optimal image quality
The CS 9000 3D system ensures an unprecedented level of detail. It provides realistic images from an anatomical point of view with measurements on a 1: 1 scale that allow you to make your diagnosis with confidence. Thanks to the 3D system's focused examination field, you get not only all the angles you need, but also the highest resolution images you can imagine.

High-quality software imaging
What are the images for if you can not access them? Fortunately, the CS 9000 3D also includes our fully integrated imaging software. You can easily view and edit your 2D and 3D images.

Dedicated sensors
Unlike other CBCT systems, the CS 9000 3D system uses three dedicated sensors. You can choose the settings that best suit your needs - one for panoramic images, one for optional cephalometric images and one for CBCT images. And with true-to-life 3D images, you can easily get the precise images you need to make more accurate diagnostics.

Maximum security
The focused examination field of the CS 9000 3D system limits radiation to a specific area of ??interest. Your patients are exposed to the minimum possible radiation dose, similar to a standard panoramic examination. And focused-field images minimize liability issues as images are limited to your field of expertise.
Fully adaptable
From orthodontics to endodontics, the CS 9000 3D system is the ideal solution for any dental practitioner. Generate clear axial and sagittal images for root and other oral surgeries or use the cross-section to view cut-to-cut distances that ensure the most accurate measurements during implant planning.

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