Dentsply Sirona Hub: Effortlessly transfer and back up CEREC data


Dentsply Sirona Hub: Effortlessly transfer and back up CEREC data
Monday, November 6, 2017Description :

The future of the dental practice is digital and an important component of this path is now presented in the form of Dentsply Sirona Hub. This innovative hardware product makes the CEREC workflow considerably easier: CAD/CAM data is automatically available on all CEREC workstations in the network. The data is securely encrypted, and is also protected against loss by a double backup. Patient data can also be shared with the Sidexis imaging software.

Easy working and secure handling of CAD/CAM data – that's what Dentsply Sirona Hub offers. This device saves CEREC data and allows other users in the practice network to access it. In addition to saving case data locally on a CEREC acquisition unit, it is stored in the Hub, where two copies are saved. Other acquisition units or computers that are equipped with CEREC or CEREC Premium Software can access the data from anywhere in the practice network. It is such an easy and natural process that you would think the data was saved directly on that particular workstation. Hub also synchronizes patient data with Sidexis. For example, if a patient is scanned with CEREC Omnicam and their personal data has already been stored for an X-ray, there is no need to enter the information again on the acquisition unit.

"Hub allows us to fulfill an explicit customer request," explains Dr. Frank Thiel, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona. "Dentists need the reliability of a smooth workflow so that they can concentrate fully on their patients."

Simple and elegant solution for the dental practice lab
There is no need for USB thumb drives or shared network folders with Dentsply Sirona Hub: The Hub connection enables CEREC data to be opened and processed from any PC in the practice network with CEREC or CEREC Premium Software – to design restorations, for example. This offers the advantage that the digital model is saved on Hub in real time once the dentist has completed a scan. What's more, Hub independently keeps a task list of all the cases that have not yet been completed and notifies their status. The technician or dentist can open the scan from the list on another computer and process it, leaving the CEREC unit in the operatory free to take another scan. This gives clinicians considerably more freedom when organizing the workflows in their practice and makes them more efficient.

Easy to install and future-proof
Hub is intended to assume the future role as the practice's data center. Consequently, its functionality will expand gradually and be available to users through free updates. The functions that can be used at market launch will benefit users with multiple acquisition units or practice laboratories in particular. Users no longer need to import and export data manually, and can now be absolutely certain that data is transferred and saved with strong encryption, something that is not possible with conventional solutions. This system allows practices to satisfy the highest requirements of data security. Hub Installation couldn't be simpler- just connect it to the power source and network, and switch it on. Its "Plug & Play" functionality means that Hub does the rest automatically, and it connects independently to all compatible devices and workstations in the network.

Hub was presented for the first time at Dentsply Sirona World 2017 in Las Vegas. Expansions for the device are planned for the future to make Hub a center of communication in the practice. Great for early buyers: All future updates for Hub are free of charge.

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