Entirely redesigned, Sirona's inLab software offers unique freedom

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Entirely redesigned, Sirona's inLab software offers unique freedom
Tuesday, March 10, 2015Description :

Digital technology alone has no special value for a dental technician – it all depends on how the technology supports and improves the technician’s work without placing limits on it. The quantum leap in the designation of the new inLab software version from 4.2 to 15.0 demonstrates the new benchmarks: This software has a modular structure, is open, needs no dongle, covers new indications, and combines all steps in the production of restorations.

The inLab world of Sirona gives dental technicians complete freedom with regard to the choice of materials, indications and components. The inLab system is open.

The software is the core of the system and can be used as a separate component for all steps of work in the laboratory – CAI (computer aided impression) for the inEos scanner, CAM (computer aided manufacturing) to control the inLab MC XL and inLab MC X5 milling and grinding machines, and CAD (computer aided design) as design software for dental technology. In addition to the basic module that covers the main indications of the dental technology routine, various optional modules can be purchased. Sirona is starting with "Implantology" and "Removable prosthesis" modules. The modular system makes the software transparent and comparable. Neither an annual license nor a dongle need to be purchased. Updating is also not required.

Optimal initial proposals thanks to biogeneric reconstruction
The completely redesigned CAD software has many new functions. For example, it is possible to design directly screw-retained bridges and bars and surgical guides for implantology. Also model cast STL designs for export can be made for further production. In addition to the integration of dental databases, the first jaw-oriented biogeneric reconstruction is an especially interesting feature. This application uses the intact remaining dentition of the entire jaw as a reference for an initial proposal that detects and utilizes not only the occlusal surfaces of the "real patient" but his individual jaw with respect to occlusion curves as well.

Sirona has also opened up the inLab product world of hardware – the inLab MC X5 is a laboratory unit designed for processing zirconium oxide, plastics, composites, wax, glass ceramic, hybrid ceramics, and metals in the form of blocks or disks. The machine allows the dental laboratory a free choice of all material suppliers that offer standard disks and it benefits additionally from the material competence of Sirona and its material partners VITA Zahnfabrik, Ivoclar Vivadent, Dentsply, Merz Dental, 3M ESPE, and GC.

"Dental technicians have full freedom," explains Reinhard Pieper, head of inLab product management at Sirona. "They can use the new software to process all the data provided, whatever scanner they use or whatever intraoral camera their clients use to take an impression. It’s a flexibility which dental laboratories will benefit from in both the short and the long term."

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