Galileos Implant : More flexible treatment planning with extended scan

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Galileos Implant : More flexible treatment planning with extended scan
Wednesday, October 4, 2017Description :

With the Integrated Implantology procedure, Dentsply Sirona offers a proven digital workflow for the planning and execution of implant treatments. In order to make the planning process even more flexible, third-party intra-oral surface scan data can now be imported into the Galileos Implant software. They can also be used to order or have surgical guides designed digitally.

By introducing Integrated Implantology ten years ago, Dentsply Sirona became a pioneer in the field of prosthetic-based 3D implant planning. With the Galileos Implant software, data extracted from the high-quality imaging systems Galileos or Orthophos 3D are merged with digital impressions and computer-based prosthetic designs created by the CEREC system in the practice or by the inLab system in a dental laboratory. These data sets jointly form the basis for virtual implant planning within the Galileos Implant software as well as for implant placement with surgical guides. The clinician can easily find the optimal implant position based on vital anatomical structures, bone quality, and prosthetic requirements. Within the integrated workflow, a surgical guide can either be produced directly in the practice with CEREC, in a dental laboratory with inLab or at the centralized guide production at SICAT.

Synchronized processes for a safe workflow
With CEREC, construction and milling of surgical guides for instant patient treatment as well as prosthetic supply is possible. Thanks to the implant-specific TiBases, hybrid abutments and/or screw-retained crowns can be created individually for every patient during a single session.

The integration capacity of CEREC with imaging systems from Dentsply Sirona is demonstrated by another application: The combination of 3D X-ray, digital impressions and the SICAT Air software enables a unique treatment process for patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The workflow is completely digital and leads directly to a mandibular advancement splint that significantly improves breathing and daytime sleepiness.

Individual and digital implant treatment solutions
Digital implant planning became a standard procedure in the sector of dentistry because it makes surgeries much safer. To allow greater flexibility, Galileos Implant software is now open for the import of third-party intra-oral scan data. Thus, it is possible to plan implant treatments with surgical guides utilizing digital impressions that are created by third-party intraoral scans or by the digitalization of a physical model.

The requirements of dental practices for digital technologies have become more diverse over the past years resulting in increasingly individualized solutions. Dentists are capable to decide independently which methods to apply and which technical infrastructure to use. Since the inLab 15 software, dental technicians are already able to import and export scan and design data in open STL format. The new CEREC 4.5 software allows to export scan data in STL format. Dentsply Sirona now further responds to these needs by expanding the functionality of Galileos Implant with the new import possibility for intra-oral scan data. As a result, dental practices take advantage of existing digital infrastructure more efficiently to improve economic profitability.

"The Integrated Implantology by Dentsply Sirona is a complete workflow itself. The system offers optimally synchronized processes that work safely", explains Dr. Stefan Hehn, Group Vice President Dentsply Sirona Imaging Systems. "However, we observe that the application of different devices in dental practices triggers the customers’ demand to use the generated data in one single application. The new option enables our customers to merge any third-party STL with 3D X-ray data from Dentsply Sirona devices to support the implant planning process and the construction of surgical guides."

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