German quality at a low price : The T4 instrument family from Sirona

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German quality at a low price : The T4 instrument family from Sirona
Wednesday, October 9, 2013Description :

The new T4 product class instruments from Sirona give dentists and especially dental students high German quality that is particularly cost-efficient.

Instruments are an indispensable aspect of dentistry. It is therefore extremely important that dentists can fully rely on them. This is why Sirona now offers the German quality T4 class at a rather low price, making these products particularly interesting for dental students: They can acquire all of the important instruments they need for their studies in a student kit.

"This kit contains reliable and durable products at a very competitive price for students or young people who want to set up their own businesses,? said Product Manager Eric Berndt. ?The T4 products fulfill Sirona's high quality requirements in terms of design as well as hygiene and ergonomics.?

In regards to the design and ergonomics of the T4 product line, Sirona has opted for proven quality: The instruments lie perfectly balanced in the dentist's hand and are ergonomically shaped. The material is both non-slip and easy to clean: The instruments can be sterilized in an autoclave or cleaned and disinfected in a thermodisinfector. The T4 products include a straight and contra-angle handpiece, the T4 Racer turbine and an air motor. The kit is available either with a Midwest 4-hole or Borden 2-hole connection and can be used with all common treatment centers.

T4 Racer turbine: Exceptionally powerful
The T4 Basic turbines are fitted with ceramic ball bearings that are almost vibration-free and hard-wearing. With a pressure of 2.3 bar, they have an output of up to 17 W. The chrome-plated sleeves give the turbines a high-quality appearance. The sleeves of both instruments are made of stainless steel and are top class in terms of appearance and feel. With the handpiece, the so-called single heads for single use can be used for prophylaxis and polishing.

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