HELIODENTPLUS from Sirona, intraoral radiography is now mobile

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HELIODENTPLUS from Sirona, intraoral radiography is now mobile
Friday, April 4, 2014Description :
Since January 2014, Sirona delivers, on request, a roller foot to users of the HELIODENTPLUS intraoral generator. Because of this, the device is always within reach and adapts to the individual requirements of the dental practice.

The flexibility of appliances and treatment systems is becoming increasingly important in modern dental practices. This is why Sirona makes the use of the intraoral HELIODENTPLUS generator more flexible for dentists thanks to a mobile mounting option. Besides the possibility of installing the generator on a wall or ceiling, users now also have the option of using it on a roller stand.

This use not only improves the daily workflow, but also makes radiography more enjoyable for patients. This mounting option is particularly suited to hospitals and nursing homes, since the radiographic images necessary for treatment can be taken even in immobilized patients. In addition, the roller foot allows the HELIODENTPLUS to be moved quickly and easily from one room to another, even in offices where several dentists work together or with several treatment rooms. "The Heliodent's roller stand is mobile, stable and does not risk tipping, which gives it optimum flexibility and ensures you get radiographic images that do not wobble," said Jörg Haist, Management of products at Sirona.

In addition, it comes with a rack on which you can put a laptop, an intra-oral XIOS XG sensor system or documents, and can be mounted optionally. The dentist can thus perform intraoral digital radiographic images directly on the treatment station (or directly on the bed of immobilized patients) and carry out an initial evaluation of the situation.

Radiography becomes digital in the treatment room

Digital imaging is now an integral part of state-of-the-art dental practices. More and more dentists are convinced by the many benefits that it offers and are avoiding taking analogue images to enter the world of digital imaging with intraoral devices. "Dentists working with modern digital systems appreciate the excellent image quality and immediate availability of X-rays," says Haist.

Given its leading position in the dental technology industry, Sirona's main objective is to achieve optimum image quality with the lowest radiation dose. These devices are also characterized by a long service life and are designed to meet all requirements, so that all dental offices will find the radiographic equipment adapted to their needs.

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