inLab SW 4.0 : more possibilities, greater flexibility

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inLab SW 4.0 : more possibilities, greater flexibility
Thursday, September 29, 2011Description :

The new inLab SW 4.0 offers an extended spectrum of clinical indications. New design tools facilitate a customized and direct mode of working. The completely revised software architecture provides a secure basis for integrating future applications.

The new inLab SW 4.0 offers dental laboratories an extended spectrum of indications as well as a completely revised user interface. New design tools enhance the flexibility and versatility of this sophisticated dental CAD/CAM system. Created with the aid of advanced development tools, the new inLab software lays the foundation for integrating innovative computerized dentistry solutions at a later date.

Sirona will commence deliveries of the new inLab SW 4.0 with immediate effect. New and existing users will benefit equally from the expanded and improved functions for the computer-aided production of dental restorations. The seamless workflow for scanning, designing and milling has been retained and is now integrated into a modern and intuitive user interface. The user is guided step by step through the production process, while at the same time enjoying a high degree of flexibility.

The impressive range of clinical indications has been extended to include telescopes, bars and attachments – applications which previously required time-consuming wax-ups. The user can modify the virtual restoration directly on the screen. The new design and visualization functions minimize search times and mouse movements. Modifications to the restoration are displayed immediately. A further new feature is the parallel design and processing of multiple restorations (e.g. in the upper and lower jaws), irrespective of the indication and chosen material. This facilitates a streamlined workflow and delivers aesthetic and functional restoration results.

Like the previous version, the inLab SW 4.0 allows the user to receive digital impressions. The Sirona Connect web portal (formerly known as CEREC Connect) offers dentists and dental labs extended possibilities and increased convenience. For example, only one SLA model is required for multiple restorations in the upper and lower jaws. Wax-ups and existing occlusal surfaces can be scanned and then integrated into the final restoration. Sirona Connect is the only solution on the market that is capable of transmitting such supplementary scans.

The inLab SW 4.0 is the ideal choice for dental technicians who are in the process of computerizing their laboratory processes. In its role as a total solutions provider Sirona caters to the entire CAD/CAM chain – i.e. the acquisition of digital impressions (intraoral and model-based), design and in-house production with the aid of the inLab MC XL milling unit.

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