Innovative software gives CEREC a facelift

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Innovative software gives CEREC a facelift
Friday, March 18, 2011Description :

Full anatomical restorations are just a few clicks away with the new CEREC software from Sirona. Now coming with a completely redesigned intuitive user interface, new CAD/CAM users can start quickly and successfully even without reading the operating manual. Experienced users also profit from the new possibilities available. These include simultaneous creation of multiple restorations and the ability to mill in-house your own surgical guides for safe and secure implants.

The new software for the CAD/CAM system CEREC is more comfortable and user-friendly than ever. Sirona, the technology leader in the dental industry, will present a beta version of the software at the IDS. Its outstanding hallmark is the new, innovative user interface. A clear, uncluttered screen is presented to the users. They have at their fingertips only the necessary tools required for each step in the restoration design process. With a few clicks of the mouse, even a new user can easily learn to create full anatomical crowns, inlays, onlays or provisional bridges intuitively.

This is possible because Sirona designs and produces CAD/CAM systems taking into account the entire process chain. Initiated with digital impressions captured on CEREC AC through to milling the final restoration with CEREC MC XL each working step is finely-tuned with one another. The software perfectly complements this process, making the system even more productive. The results are aesthetic, custom-made restorations for the patient in only one treatment session. Each dentist who uses the chairside method, also enjoys a clear economic advantage, since there are no laboratory costs involved. Every restoration made in-house is a success, because the dentist controls the entire process and receives immediate feedback from the patient.

Even more security in designing restorations is achieved with the improved user interface. The elements are photo-realistically displayed, allowing the dentist to intuitively choose the right tools and follow step by step the automated workflow. The software also gives the experienced user creative freedom. The dentist can intervene at any step in the process and manually modify the restoration. The user can even work on several restorations simultaneously, regardless of restoration type or design mode. This makes it possible to select clinically and aesthetically compatible teeth groups, thus saving valuable time. Innovative design allows the user to work directly on the virtual tooth with an array of newly available, intuitive modeling tools.

The software opens the door to a world of new possibilities for implantology. Dentists are already using CEREC data and GALAXIS implant software to simultaneously plan clinical and prosthetic implant treatment. For safe and secure insertion of the implant, dentists can use the software planning data to centrally order a custom-made surgical guide from SICAT. Surgical guides can now be milled directly in the dental practice using CEREC MC XL. The entire process from the CBCT X-ray to the insertion of the implant is completely in the dentist’s hands. This gives added flexibility to plan schedules and treatment procedures. The whole process is as safe, secure and as simple as possible. The new Sirona software is proof that ?complex does not mean complicated?.

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