Instruments with class: Sirona launches new straight and contra-angle handpieces

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Instruments with class: Sirona launches new straight and contra-angle handpieces
Wednesday, July 4, 2012Description :

First class treatment results and fatigue-free working – with innovative updates of straight and contra-angle handpieces from the Premium class, Sirona from Bensheim has upgraded its model series T1 CLASSIC and T1 LINE. The newly introduced T2 LINE series of the Comfort class offers outstanding functional characteristics and reliability, enabling the dentist to concentrate wholly on treating the patient.

Dentists opting for Sirona instruments can now make a precise and tailor-made choice from an extended range. The technology leader in dentistry has launched the new Premium and Comfort instrument classes for its straight and contra-angle handpieces. The Premium class includes the two model series T1 CLASSIC and T1 LINE with a range of innovative updates. In the Comfort class, the robust T2 LINE model series offers impressive reliability and functional characteristics. All the products have one thing in common: top quality thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

"Along with the knowledge and manual skill of the dentist, the success of a treatment also depends very much on the quality of his instruments", says Sirona Product Manager Frank Peichl. "Only straight and contra-angle handpieces which fit well in the hand and can be easily guided ensure precise operating results. This was our main focus when it came to product development."

The Premium class: perfection in balance
T1 CLASSIC stands for top class technology. The powerful, integrated SL/BL motor in the light titanium sleeve is located in the front part of the straight and contra-angle handpiece and is thus ideally positioned. Thanks to its ergonomic design, each instrument lies perfectly balanced in the hand. Users can work without any symptoms of fatigue to achieve first-class preparation results.

The high-quality T1 LINE straight and contra-angle handpiece series also offers outstanding ergonomic design and fits lightly in the hand. Thanks to the universal ISO interface for all common micromotors, the dentist remains flexible, irrespective of the treatment center he is using. This is because, with the aid of the ISO slider, the instruments are simply plugged on to motors with and without light. One click and the treatment can begin.

In both the T1 CLASSIC and the T1 LINE series the straight and contra-angle handpieces can be sterilised and heat disinfected. Sirona gives a three-year guarantee on the instruments. Within the Premium class, Sirona provides users with an extensive portfolio of contra-angle handpieces for prophylaxis, micropreparations, endodontics or surgery.

The Comfort class: quality you can rely on
The robust T2 LINE straight and contra-angle handpiece series with universal ISO interface stands for functionality, reliability and hygiene, enabling the dentist to concentrate wholly on treating his patients. The com-fortable grip of the titanium sleeves ensures fatigue-free working and optimum ease of use. The instruments can be sterilised and heat disinfected. Sirona gives a two-year guarantee on T2 LINE products.

Titanium material: unique lightweight
As the world’s sole manufacturer in the dental area, Sirona uses super-plastic titanium forming technology to produce its straight and contra-angle handpieces. This high-quality material is distinguished principally by its low weight, excellent grip and extreme stability. In addition, titanium accepts the temperature of the hand quicker than steel – this makes the treatment more pleasant for doctor and patient alike. The corrosion-resistant high-tech material also cools down more quickly after sterilising, enabling instruments to be used again more quickly. Moreover, titanium provokes no allergic reactions.

Ceramic ball bearings: for reliable treatment
A further advantage of Sirona’s straight and contra-angle handpieces is their reliability and long life. The instruments are equipped with ceramic ball bearings. Premium products also feature a "diamond-like carbon" (DLC) coating, making them extremely resistant and durable.

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