INTEGO Pro Ambidextrous by Dentsply Sirona: A question of flexibility

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INTEGO Pro Ambidextrous by Dentsply Sirona: A question of flexibility
Monday, September 12, 2016Description :

A treatment center that enables equally ergonomic operation by right and left-handed dentists – this is what the Ambidextrous option for the Dentsply Sirona INTEGO Pro treatment center offers. It ensures maximum flexibility in multi-user practices. The simple swivel mechanism allows the center to be converted in just a few seconds.

Right or left-handed ? This is not an issue when working with the INTEGO Pro treatment center with the Ambidextrous option, as both right and left-handed dentists can work in an optimal treatment position. The cleverly designed swivel mechanism allows the center to switch from right-handed to left-handed use in a very short time, allowing right and left-handed dentists to share the same treatment center. This means more flexibility and less congestion in the practice routine.

From a right to left-handed center in just 15 seconds
Fast, simple, elegant: The Ambidextrous function is activated by a foot switch. The backrest of the patient chair automatically moves into the correct position, allowing easy, space-saving rotation around the backrest of the patient chair on a sturdy support arm. The optional tray holders and additional tray for the SIROCAM intraoral camera can easily switch positions.

Dentists benefit from the sophisticated ergonomic design; the dentist and assistant elements can be optimally positioned in either the OTP or the swivel arm version. The reach distances were designed so dentists can adopt an ergonomic working position, thus ensuring easy access to the patient. The thin backrest ensures ideal leg room and the flexible position of the foot switch allows freedom of movement.

Uncompromising standards of hygiene
The INTEGO Pro Ambidextrous also guarantees greater hygienic safety for both the practice team and patients. The smooth, nearly seamless surface design facilitates disinfection. With a sanitization adapter, the user can carry out suction hose cleaning at the press of a button. An additional feature, the integrated disinfection system, ensures continuous automatic disinfection of all water lines.

The ingenious ergonomic design of the treatment center in combination with the quick adjustment for right and left-handed dentists ensures an optimal workflow. Intuitive user interfaces for high-performance instruments, modern patient communication systems with network interfaces and fast cleaning processes support a perfect treatment result.

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