Laser Milling technology opens up new opportunities

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Laser Milling technology opens up new opportunities
Thursday, March 5, 2015Description :
Dental Manufacturer Heraeus Kulzer, based in Hanau, Germany, and Canadian digital specialist Dental Wings, are opening new doors in CAD-CAM manufacturing. At the International Dental Show 2015 (IDS) in Cologne, the two companies will present the results of their cooperation on a new innovative machining technology, developed by Dental Wings: Laser Milling.

Together, Dental Wings and Heraeus Kulzer will distribute this new CAM technology with specially dedicated Heraeus Kulzer materials to revolutionize the digital production of dental restorations.

This partnership brings together Heraeus Kulzer's years of expertise in materials and digital know-how from Dental Wings. Throughout the world, Heraeus Kulzer assists dental technicians and dental surgeons by providing materials and services for digital techniques and conventional techniques.

The core competence of Dental Wings is in the digital technology applied to the dental sector, with a product portfolio that includes solutions such as computer aided prosthesis software and 3D scanners.
The new technology places digital production of crowns and bridges at a new level.

The underlying process is laser ablation: within a closed circuit 3D process and integrated quality control, the laser processes the material. This is why this technology is called Laser Milling. Dental materials containing the latest types of composites, but also blocks of zirconia and ceramics can be used.

Opening new paths together "Users want to produce durable dental restorations in an efficient and flexible way. This requires that we tightly integrate high quality materials and modern technologies.

With Dental Wings, we have a competent partner for this new machining technology, which shares our desire to be a step ahead, "says Dr. Martin Haase, Managing Director of Heraeus Kulzer GmbH. The Dental Materials Division at Heraeus Kulzer adds: "Laser machining offers valuable opportunities to provide patients with efficient and reliable dental restorations.
But even in the field of modern digital dental prosthesis, the basis of a high quality restoration remains materials adapted to the needs of dental technologies.
Our business is to provide these solutions. "Mike Rynerson, President of Dental Wings, explains: The phrase paradigm shift is truly appropriate to evoke Lental Machining from Dental Wings.

This technology has the potential to rewrite the rules of dental restoration production.
With Heraeus Kulzer we have at our side an experienced material specialist who has been leading the dental and technical restoration for decades with innovative and reliable materials. C is only with materials perfectly suited to laser machining technology that we can fully exploit the potential of this technology for dental applications.

Focused on user requests Heraeus Kulzer and Dental Wings present the possibilities of this revolutionary technology at IDS in Cologne. In the Future Corner of the Heraeus Kulzer stand, developers will discuss the scope and needs with users.

The partners of this cooperation are currently working together to optimize technology and materials. The laser machining machine and the corresponding materials should be available for sale in the first half of 2016.

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