New generation of treatment centers : digitally connected and multifunctional

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New generation of treatment centers : digitally connected and multifunctional
Tuesday, March 10, 2015Description :

With Teneo, Sinius, Intego and Intego Pro, Sirona has unveiled a new generation of treatment centers: Among their many special features is their networking capability. All three can be fully integrated in the practice network and equipped with a wide range of extra functions. All product models feature a harmonized chair design, so the practice presents an overall coordinated appearance, even with a mixture of different chair configurations.

The treatment center is the focal point of a dental practice. Here is where the patient, dentist and assistant meet, here is where diagnosis and treatment come together, here is where dentistry happens. In short, all aspects of a dental practice converge here. To connect them all together as part of a single network – this is the concept behind the new generation of treatment centers.

The objective is achieved by integrating the treatment center in the practice network. This allows the dentists to access X-rays, treatment plans for implants, and intraoral images to use them for patient treatment and consultation without leaving their chair.. Conversely, data can be fed from the treatment center into the network, for example hygiene protocols as well as patient-specific data such as the preferred chair position.

But for Sirona, networking is not just a question of bringing together information. It is also important to digitally integrate functions for which otherwise additional equipment would be required. This applies to implantology, for example. In this case, the EasyTouch user interface can be used to set the parameters for the instruments: the rotating speed, the desired torque and the necessary quantity of sterile coolant. In the field of endodontics, the integrated functions such as the ApexLocator and a comprehensive file library also remove the need for external tabletop units. If required, the Apex graphic and current file designator can also be displayed clearly on the 22? HD-monitor Sivision on the treatment center, directly in the field of vision of the operator. The EasyTouch user interface also enables full control over the medically important parameters, such as torque, speed and distance from the apical constriction.

Teneo, Sinius and Intego, the new generation of treatment centers, are equipped with an integrated hygiene system for ensuring the quality of spray water and for sanitizing suction hoses that is unique in the market. Critical parts such as handles and instrument holders can be removed and thermo-disinfected. The networking capability of these treatment centers offers further advantages; software updates in the future for cleaning and sanitizing programs can be easily uploaded from a USB stick, or even downloaded across the practice network.

Sophisticated design, unrivaled ergonomics

New generation – the phrase also implies exceptional standards of design and ergonomics. Innovative materials are used in the three treatment centers. Besides aluminum for the "inner workings", extensive use has also been made of high-performance polymers, so that the surface design can be made "from a single cast". This is immediately evident from the ergonomic construction of the patient chair, with its thin backrest to allow the dentist maximum knee clearance, and the slimline chair base. This all helps to make treatment in various positions much simpler. Last but not least, the uncluttered design of the new support arm system connects the fully enclosed lines and the smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. Ergonomics and design are combined, with superior results.

The importance of comfort must not be underestimated, Susanne Schmidinger, Head of Product Management for Treatment Centers, is in no doubt about that: "Comfort is a decisive factor for the patients. Patients who feel comfortable are happy to come again."

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