New solutions from 3Shape to change your dentistry

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New solutions from 3Shape to change your dentistry
Tuesday, March 21, 2017Description :

3Shape globally launches today a brand new 3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless intraoral scanner and introduces to IDS, six innovative solutions for dentists: TRIOS Patient Monitoring, 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio, TRIOS Patient Specific Motion, the 3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner, 3Shape Smile Design, and 3Shape Implant Studio.

3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless - the freedom of wireless intraoral scanning

3Shape launches the brand new TRIOS 3 Wireless – a wireless version of its award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanner.
The new TRIOS 3 Wireless connects via Wi-Fi to laptops and the TRIOS cart. This eliminates the need for a connecting cable between the intraoral scanner wand and computer. The digital impression solution comes with three long-lasting rechargeable batteries and features an easy battery exchange for non-stop intraoral scanning.
TRIOS 3 Wireless, like all TRIOS models, is seamlessly integrated with the widest selection of implant manufacturers, orthodontic treatment providers like Invisalign, dental laboratories, as well as Patient Management Systems, and select milling machines and 3D printers for same day dentistry. For more details, see

1. TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Use TRIOS to monitor developments in patients’ dental status over time and to gain insight for preventive care. The TRIOS Patient Monitoring tool compares intraoral scans taken over time. Tracking and quantifying, i.e., gingival retraction, bruxism and teeth movement, and highlighting changes to the mouth that may require action on the computer screen. The tool will be available as part of the TRIOS workflow as part of upcoming TRIOS upgrades.

2. 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio

With 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio, doctors can choose to design and mill their own crowns or cloud- share designs with laboratories. 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio is verified and completely-integrated with a selection of milling machines for smooth connectivity, seamless crown production and a wide range of material choices. 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio gives doctors and patients the freedom to choose the restorative solution that suits their needs.
3Shape TRIOS Design Studio is our new same day dentistry solution. An easy-to-use chairside dentistry solution, TRIOS Design Studio is built with the same engine that powers our industry-leading CAD/CAM restorative design software used by a majority of dental labs around the world. 

3. TRIOS Patient Specific Motion
Recording occlusion up until now has meant using articulation paper. Now with TRIOS and our new Patient Specific Motion tool, you can scan and record a patient’s articulation. This enables the restorative-design technician to adjust the restoration based on articulation, and create and optimal esthetics and fit before the restoration is even seated. The patient's pre-restoration occlusal pattern can also be virtually benchmark against the post-restorative occlusion to ensure good occlusal practice.

4. 3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner
3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner delivers CBCT, Panoramic, Cephalometric and Face scanning in one system. The X1 enables practices to offer more services to their patients and partners as well as full integration with all 3Shape treatment modules for orthodontics and implantology. Featuring 3Shape’s unique motion compensation technology, the X1 creates uniquely clear and precise images by limiting blurring and motion artifacts, to deliver images that are more accurate, a more efficient workflow with less retakes and a more comfortable scanning experience for patients because there is no need for head fixation. Read more about the 3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner.

5. 3Shape Smile Design

3Shape Smile Design is developed based on the DSD principles. It enables the fast and easy creation of new smiles for patients. The planning tool works by layering the design of proposed restorations on 2D photos of patients. Up until now, creating new smiles has been a lengthy process. Now with 3Shape Smile Design it’s possible in just a few minutes. Read more about 3Shape Smile Design.

6. 3Shape TRIOS Implant Studio

From prosthetic driven implant planning to designing and producing surgical guides in-house, 3Shape TRIOS Implant Studio means a better way to work for implantologists and the team. Creating a straightforward and predictive workflow, Implant Studio takes you step-by-step through scanning, planning, designing and printing. The totally integrated workflow between TRIOS, Implant Studio and supported 3D-printers, makes it possible to create and print surgical guides in hours instead of weeks, in the practice, in-house. Read more about Implant Studio.

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