Seniors’autonomy : reconsidering bathrooms

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Seniors’autonomy : reconsidering bathrooms
Monday, April 2, 2018Description :

French people are aging. According to the forecasts of the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research, in 2050, more than one French person in three will be 60 years old or more, against one in five in 2005. We’ll have to face many challenges to adapt to this evolution : issues regarding health and loss of autonomy of this population will be among the first matters. Indeed, dependent elderly persons encounter various obstacles every day : reduced autonomy, risks of falling… Home arrangement, and in particular bathroom improvement, should strengthen safety with a view to make seniors’ life and that of disabled persons easier. Classic bathroom facilities can not meet those specific needs. This is why special developments can be set up to improve seniors’ living conditions in their house. For example, you can ameliorate different bathroom accessories : from the shower cabin to the bathtub and the washbasin.

Securing the shower cabin
The Italian shower is both aesthetic and completely suitable for elderly people. Actually, the shower tray is encased in the ground, allowing a level access. The installation of a shower grab bar makes its use more secure and diminishes significantly the risks of falling. Several kinds of grab bars can be found according to the needs (straight grab bars, angled grab bars, shower grab bars…). A shower seat can also be very practical to enhance the comfort of people with reduced mobility. Fixed, foldaway or removable, it can secure grooming thanks to a resistant seat. Solid and anti-slip, its reliability was tested. To guarantee a total security, some models have backrest and armrests to offer an additional support Our different ranges of bathroom accessories which are made in France, present a design that can be either classic, modern or contemporary. In this way, they fully blend in bathroom’s style.

Redefining the bathtub
Concerning the tub, safety bath seats and safety bath boards make its access easier and safer. Available with or without backrest, these equipments reduce the necessary efforts to enter and to leave the tub. And they offer a comfortable seat. As they are removable, no drilling is needed. They adapt easily to the uses of all family members.

Adjusting the washbasin
Its comfort and safety are often neglected. Yet the washbasin can also be arranged in order to facilitate its use by elderly people. Our washbasin supports whose height can be adjusted respond to this need. The adjustment can be done manually thanks to a pneumatic jack, or electrically. As a consequence, you can move forward a wheelchair first, and lift the washbasin after , so that it adapts to a person that could no longer bend over.

The other devices
To ensure maximum safety, we propose non slip covers or shower mats on all bathroom accessories : in the bathtub, when getting out the shower cabin, but also in front of all the equipments that can produce soil moisture. PELLET also offers raised toilet seats which are adapted to seniors and disabled persons so as to improve their comfort and safety.

PELLET’s expertise
For 60 years, PELLET has been working to equip homes with devices that are designed to provide comfort and safety to seniors. Modular and evolving, our bathroom solutions can fit every situation. Our purpose is to generate a recovery of independence in everyday life, by simplifying the uses of the professionals specialized in seniors’care.

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