Silent powerhouses : The new generation of turbines from Siron

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Silent powerhouses : The new generation of turbines from Siron
Wednesday, March 13, 2013Description :

The new Sirona turbines are not only significantly quieter when in operation, they also boast tangibly enhanced performance and improved control. The three classes, Premium, Comfort and Economy, offer just the right instrument to satisfy all requirements.

Thanks to the new generation of turbines from Sirona, dentists can now effectively prevent any sense of uneasiness amongst patients as well as the risk of hearing loss on their part. In March 2013, the technology leader in the dental industry will be launching particularly high-torque turbines onto the market which, thanks to their compact size and low noise levels, are extremely comfortable to use.

The new turbines are significantly more powerful. With a pressure of 3 bar, they have an output of up to 23 W. The turbines comes in three different versions. In addition to the Boost version with up to 23 W, there is a model with an extra-small mini head which, with a diameter of just 10.2 mm, ensures optimal access to molars and also guarantees an unimpeded view of the preparation site. With its patented speed control feature, the Control version maintains a constant rotation speed of approx. 250,000 rpm. This, in turn, enables continuous working combined with impressively smooth running and, at the same time, thermal damage to the tooth is prevented.

With innovative technology made in Germany, Sirona has audibly reduced the noise levels of the new turbines, including the spray. "Up to now, efforts to build quieter turbines have focused exclusively on the rotor and ball bearings, and as a consequence we only use low-wear and low-vibration ceramic ball bearings. However, the spray which is continuously used for cooling during treatment is responsible for a lot of the noise. Before now, this was not taken into account when measuring noise levels. Sirona has now developed a new four-nozzle spray which distributes the mixture of air and water uniformly around the drill and which is much quieter when in operation. Dentists are guaranteed to notice the difference", said the Sirona Turbine Product Manager, Frank Peichl.

In terms of design and ergonomics, Sirona has opted for proven quality. The turbines lie well-balanced in your hand. The sleeves of the T1 Premium models are made completely from titanium. In the T2 Comfort and T3 Economy classes, the sleeves are covered with titanium. This material is both non-slip and easy to clean. The turbines are sterilizable and thermodesinfectable. To illuminate the treatment area, the T1 and T2 turbines use LED light with 25,000 lux. The Economy T3 class is delivered without a light guide. All the turbines can be connected to all standard coupling versions using the CLICK&Go interface developed by Sirona. With this new generation of turbines, Sirona offers dentists the best solution for every requirement. Whether you prefer the T1 Premium class, the T2 Comfort class or the T3 Economy class, the new dental turbines offer greater performance with better control and less noise.

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