Sirona combines innovation and ease of use with the new CEREC 4.3 dental software

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Sirona combines innovation and ease of use with the new CEREC 4.3 dental software
Tuesday, July 1, 2014Description :
Many new innovative features improve clinical safety and make workflow simpler and more efficient. In addition, CEREC is the first processing system Chairside which implements machining with carbide instruments.
The internationally renowned quality of German work is based on the constant search for improvements - and even after thirty years of constant research and development in close collaboration with scientists, testers and users, CEREC continues to set new standards In the field of restorative dentistry. The new CEREC software update 4.3 enables Sirona to demonstrate its market leadership in CAD / CAM systems while providing users with a range of innovation opportunities that improve the clinical quality of restorations and make the flow Easier and more efficient work.
Improved clinical quality through active feedback
Thanks to this new software update, CEREC once again improves the accuracy of the virtual models: more details are recorded and the jaw is shown more accurately when taking digital fingerprints using the camera CEREC Omnicam, and this without increasing the size of the created data sets. The software verifies that the digitized data is sufficiently interconnected. If there are gaps in the datasets, they are indicated to the user by red arrows indicating the areas of the model that must be completed by a new digitization. Thanks to the increased precision of the model, the edges are also displayed with more clarity, allowing the automatic edge detector to more easily recognize the edges of the preparation. The user can thus complete the imaging and design process faster and more easily and obtain more accurate restorations.
The advanced development of therapeutic strategies represents an advantage for clinical quality. After 30 years of use of diamond tools to grind restorations, the CEREC system is now the first to offer you the possibility to machine with carbide instruments. Grinding with carbide instruments allows faster restorations. Additionally, milled zirconium oxide guarantees a higher degree of edge stability, making polymer temporary solutions smoother. The update uses new algorithms for grinding with diamond instruments; The surfaces are therefore smoother when processing silicate ceramic restorations. "The high flexibility in the selection and processing of materials available to the dentist allows him to offer his patients a variety of solutions for a wide range of indications, all in one session. CEREC is therefore particularly attractive, especially for beginners, "says Roddy MacLeo, Vice President of CAD / CAM systems at Sirona.
The software also gives feedback to users of the CEREC Omnicam camera in case of undercut formation during the minimally invasive preparation. The software automatically marks them after the user has defined the model axis. To avoid a problem during fitting, the user now has three options: Continue with the minimally invasive preparation and block the undercut with composite material when inserting the restoration or manually restore the restoration. The third option is to change the preparation.
New software version simplifies workflow
The many functions of the CEREC 4.3 software simplify the workflow. The most important innovation is the optimized virtual articulator that helps the user to control dynamic and static occlusions. In other words, troublesome dynamic points of contact can be removed from the design stage. The user thus gains time since it does not need to perform manual grinding in the patient's mouth. In addition, the user has the possibility of adjusting the temporomandibular joints to the right and to the left, based on various parameters. In addition, it is possible to open the occlusion using a virtual incisal rod, which guarantees the blocking of the occlusion during complete restorations.
Additional options are now available for the design of the anterior teeth: CEREC 4.3 offers a variety of textures for structuring the surface of anterior facets and crowns, as well as four growth lines and two nipples .
More and more dentists are using CEREC to install Chairside implants. Sirona now offers a TiBase set for Thommen Medical implants and is expanding the range that is already the largest for implant systems in the CAD / CAM market. By using a titanium base suitable for the system concerned, it is possible to fix the individual abutments in blocks of special zirconium oxide (inCoris ZI meso) on the implant and affix an implant crown thereon.
If the user finds during the production that it would be preferable to delegate the restoration to a dental technician, this CEREC update offers him a plan B: a "Connect Button" is integrated into the software and allows him to download the data On the Sirona Internet platform at each stage of work and transfer them to a partner laboratory.
These features and other features optimize the performance of the CEREC system while promoting efficient and cost-effective use in modern dental practices.

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