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Sirona Instruments advance dental prophylaxis
Monday, March 14, 2011Description :

Efficient cleaning, atraumatic treatment – modern prophylaxis instruments from Sirona make prophylaxis reliable and pain-free. Product solutions to deal with the most diverse clinical demands. Prophylaxis room at the IDS trade fair booth.

Nowadays, dental hygiene, dental aesthetics and dental prophylaxis play a key role in modern patient care. In order to meet the increasing clinical demands for prophylaxis measures and the needs of patients for pain-free treatment, dentist and assistant require instruments that operate with precision and atraumatically. Sirona, the dental technology leader, supports practitioners by providing a comprehensive range of scalers, scaler tips, hand pieces and contra angles as well as modern ultrasonic and laser devices for all preventive and follow-up treatments.

The careful removal of soft and hard residues is a key aim of prophylaxis, with tartar unquestionably presenting the greatest challenge because of the difficulty in accessing them. With PerioScan, Sirona is offering an intelligent ultrasonic device that supports the task of root planning and scaling, combining at the same time diagnosis and therapy: subgingival calculus can be detected and removed quickly and precisely without changing instruments. An additional advantage of PerioScan is the gentle and pain-less treatment due to the controlled linear vibrations of the ultrasonic tip.

Effective bacteria management is crucial, ensuring the long term success of the periodontal treatment. Both the SIROLaser Advance and its ?small brother?, the basic model SIROLaser Xtend, reduce germs in the affected gingival pockets, ensuring a sustained improvement in periodontal treatments. The diode laser is intuitively operated and easy to configure to the user’s requirement thanks to its intelligent software with self-explanatory menu navigation and its practical colour touchscreen.

With its high quality handpieces and contra-angles as well as ultrasonic instruments and air scalers, Sirona supports the dental technical staff in the areas of diagnosis, cleaning, treatment and polishing. Suitable instruments are available for all the cleaning and polishing services required as part of professional tooth cleaning. All prophylaxis instruments from Sirona are ready for use in seconds after their easy connection.

"In providing a fully equipped prophylaxis room we are deliberately placing the emphasis on prevention at this year’s IDS", said Jan Siefert, head of the Instruments Division at Sirona. "We invite all interested visitors to find out more about our complete range of instruments and their fields of application at our exhibition stand. We are extremely pleased to announce that the prophylaxis expert, Erika Reitz-Scheunemann, will be on hand to facilitate an exchange of professional expertise and experiences."

The treatment unit C5+ on the exhibition has been fully adapted to the treatment procedures involved in prophylaxis and gives the dentist great flexibility in instrumentation because of the wide range of equipment options available. Thanks to the Sirona ergonomic concept, the unit ensures a stress-free, easy and highly comfortable treatment for patients and dentists.

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