Sirona models digital dental technology : New freedom with inLab

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Sirona models digital dental technology : New freedom with inLab
Wednesday, February 11, 2015Description :

Independent choice of production processes and materials and complete control of the work process – these are the primary demands dental technicians make of in-house production with modern CAD/CAM systems. Sirona supports this with a new product concept.

With the inEos X5 model scanner, inLab software, the inLab MC X5 and inLab MC XL milling and grinding units, and the inFire HTC speed quick-sintering furnace, Sirona meets a key demand of dental technicians: All inLab components are coordinated with one another and are open for integration into the existing CAD/CAM infrastructure of a laboratory.

The inLab MC X5 can be integrated seamlessly into this infrastructure, as one of its major advantages is that it is an open unit. Dental technicians are free to choose which model scanner to work with and which CAD software to use to design restorations. STL restoration data can be imported quickly and easily into the CAM software developed for the inLab MC X5 - and recently for the inLab MC XL - and processed on the respective machine. This gives users an unprecedented variety of material and processing options.

Moreover, the new inLab software 15.0 will be introduced at the IDS. Its structure has been adapted to the workflow in a dental laboratory and includes many new features. By integrating the ?biogeneric reconstruction? application and opening it up for dental databases, considerably improved initial proposals can be generated. Furthermore, it is now possible to design model casts or surgical guides.

An innovation for the inEos X5 scanner is the special scanning mode for triple-tray impression trays for which an additional buccal image is now no longer needed.

In combination with Sirona Connect, the system for digital impression taking in the practice and further processing in the dental laboratory, inLab is a reliable CAD/CAM partner. New communication tools such as chat und Skype have been integrated into the Sirona Connect portal for a faster, more direct exchange of information between the dentist and dental technician.

Under the slogan "Because dental technicians need their freedom", Sirona invites IDS visitors to experience the new possibilities with inLab live.

Due to various certification and registration periods, not all products are immediately available in all countries.

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