Sirona : New Tips Offer Dentists More Options

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Sirona : New Tips Offer Dentists More Options
Sunday, December 18, 2011Description :

Sirona has expanded its range of high-quality ultrasonic tips in the areas of periodontology and implantology. The Company in Bensheim is offering a tip covered in plastic for cleaning implants and ceramic or metallic restorations. In developing the product Sirona has worked hand in hand with practicing dentists.

Technology leader in the dental industry, Sirona, is laying the groundwork required for perfect results in periodontal and implant therapy by launching new ultrasonic tips. The tips have been developed in conjunction with practicing dentists. "We closely followed user specifications and needs during development, such as in terms of better accessibility, steeper angles or completely rounded tip geometry", explains Sirona Product Manager, Heike Forell. "This co-operation has enabled us to ensure that dentists' extensive expertise is incorporated into our products."

Periodontology: better access and depth measurement
Using SIROPERIO tips, dentists obtain optimum access to the subgingival region when they are scaling. The tips enable them to perform efficient and gentle work in deep periodontal pockets too. The good accessibility allows users to enjoy maximum comfort.

The new curved tips SIROPERIO PE 5 and SIROPERIO PE 6 for use in periodontology are fully rounded. Owing to this characteristic they protect surrounding tissues and are ideally adapted for root cleaning in deep periodontal pockets in molar and posterior tooth regions. The left or right steeply bent and rounded angle ensures better access.

With its straight delicate tip the SIROPERIO PE 7 can be used for rinsing and root cleaning, the SIROPERIO PE 8 in addition, and in tandem with ultrasonic unit PerioScan, also for detection in deep periodontal pockets. Both tips have a laser-etched WHO scale by which users can gauge what depth they are working at during therapy.

Implantology: performs gentle work on surfaces
Sirona, with SIROIMPLANT IP 1, is on the cutting edge when it comes to cleaning implants and metallic or ceramic restorations. The tip is covered with a special plastic. Whereas stainless steel tips are only marginally suitable for cleaning implants and restorations, the plastic-covered SIROIMPLANT IP 1 enables gentle work to be done on surfaces and ensures ideal biofilm management. A further benefit: the point can be sterilized and thus used several times.

All Sirona tips meet the very highest quality standards. Production therefore makes exclusive use of highly tempered stainless steel which is processed and hardened in strict accordance with the proven Sirona hardening process. As a matter of principle, all ultrasonic tips feature an optimum oscillation excursion - customised to the specific requirements of individual treatment areas. Lateral movements are avoided and the teeth are effectively protected during treatment. Treatment is significantly less painful for patients.

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