Sirona's inEos X5 Extra-Oral Scanner Raises in Dental Laboratories

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Sirona's inEos X5 Extra-Oral Scanner Raises in Dental Laboratories
Wednesday, June 25, 2014Description :
The innovative laboratory scanner inEos X5 has successfully entered the market: just one year after its launch, Sirona has delivered the 1,200th device. Its exceptional precision, wide spectrum of application and simple use make it a flexible CAD / CAM partner in dental laboratories.

The Sirona inEos X5 extra-oral scanner is a versatile and reliable assistant for all scanning tasks performed in a dental laboratory. Its success is proof: one year after its launch on the market, it has already been sold 1,200 times. For a good reason: the unique 5-axis scanner equipped with a robotic arm convinces with its wide sweep range, its innovative positioning of the model, its high precision, as well as an automatic and manual recording procedure . It offers the user a fast scan, a wide range of applications and total control of the process. The inEos X5 can also be easily integrated into other CAD / CAM systems.

Manual and fully automatic scanning

Successor to inEos Blue, Sirona's inEos X5 laboratory scanner has been available since May 2013 at Sirona dealers. This novelty from Sirona scans models of arcades and semi-arches, as well as fingerprints, entirely automatically and manually, according to the needs of the user. The device is equipped with innovative five-axis technology and uses a rotating arm to position and orient objects optimally for recording. While the manual x-ray mode offers a time advantage in the simplest jobs, the fully automatic scanning mode has the following advantages, especially during larger jobs: it shortens processing time And reduces the necessary interventions by the user. In addition, the amount of data is optimized, which speeds up the final calculation of the model.

A multi-talent for the laboratory

Thanks to its equipment and simplicity of handling, the inEos X5 attracts both new users and experienced dental technicians. The large working area is accessible to all common articulators. The model and tray holder can be used universally: all common model and Splitcast systems as well as impression trays can be used in all sizes. The Multi-Die-Scanning system, which allows up to four stumps to be digitized, offers advantages for proximal contacts which are not clearly visible and also allows the creation of frames and screeds for Unitary treatment. The integrated STL interface allows flexible connection to other CAD / CAM systems.

"The inEos X5 works very precisely and optimally captures all situations thanks to its large swivel area. We thus obtain a good model for subsequent CAD / CAM processing. It is rare that I am obliged to make individual recordings by hand. The scanner provides us with a fast and accurate recording technique and a good usage concept for the various model systems. The change takes place very quickly, smoothly and without difficulty. Thanks to the editing of STL files, all CAD / CAM units downstream can be operated without problems in our laboratory, "says Ingo Raschert, a prosthetist and managing partner of the dental laboratory Teuber in Darmstadt.

Thanks to its exceptional precision, speed and user-friendly functions, the inEos X5 has become an innovative multi-talent for every laboratory.

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