The battery BA19 takes on future challenges in healthcare

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The battery BA19 takes on future challenges in healthcare
Monday, April 24, 2017Description :

In a world that faces tremendous future healthcare challenges with a notable decrease in caregivers, and a steady rise in Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) - time and efficiency is of essence. That is why it is essential that the products placed in healthcare applications ease the daily work of caregivers while helping to maintain a high level of hygiene. The new lead acid battery BA19 from LINAK has been developed to meet these challenges! Associated Infections (HCAI) - time and efficiency is of the essence.

Flexible and time saving solution
The battery BA19 has been developed specifically for use with the LINAK control boxes CA30/CA40 and CO61.

With its multiple mounting options, the BA19 offers you high flexibility and a time-saving solution that fits perfectly into the actuator system in your healthcare application.

With the BA19 you are guaranteed an effective battery backup in case of power surges that might otherwise result in an inoperable application and a higher risk for the safety of the caregiver and the patient. Battery backup is also relevant when the application is disconnected from mains and moved to or placed at a location without access to mains. Here the battery will secure continued operation.

When hygiene is paramount
Through a streamlined design with a minimum of grooves and edges and an IP degree of IPX6, the BA19 was designed with easy and fast cleaning in mind. Furthermore, the smart cable management system of BA19 makes it easy to wipe the system, ensuring a high hygiene level.

Further advantages of the BA19
The BA19 has a capacity of 1.2 Ah and is a cost-efficient battery with a built-in charger, making it possible to read out the battery's charging status information from the control box.

"Multiple mounting options offer high flexibility."

" Effective and cleaning friendly cable management."

" Easy and fast cleaning, ensuring a high hygiene level."

If you want to know more about the BA19 or how your application can benefit from this, feel free to contact LINAK

The control box platform for healthcare is part of the LINAK " Care for Tomorrow Today™ " mind-set.

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