WorkNC Dental at the Week End of the CFAO Dentaire 2014: the contribution of digital technology in Implantology

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WorkNC Dental at the Week End of the CFAO Dentaire 2014: the contribution of digital technology in Implantology
Wednesday, July 9, 2014Description :
For two years, the Sireix dental prosthesis center, located in Agen's Siriscan Machining Center, offers laboratories, prosthetists, dental surgeons and new technology partners the chance to meet during a complete Weekend For the main theme "the CFAO, approached in a useful and positive way".

Innovators in their field, Christophe and Vincent Sireix, bet on the digital whole and the development of optical imprint. For more than four years, the SIRISCAN machining center has used the WorkNC DENTAL CFAO software to drive the various machine tools in the fleet and the implantology module for machining implant prostheses, regardless of the type of connector to be machined. WorkNC Dental allows us to fully control the machining data of the implant connections with the implantology module while remaining independent of the scanner, the Dental CAD or the machine tool used. Confided Christophe Sireix during his presentation.

During this Weekend, the new technologies were approached according to the presentations of the different partners; Firstly, the optical impression processed by Dr. Soenen, an expert in new dental technologies and digital dentistry, followed by the Imetric®, 3Shape®, Lava®, Dental Wings®, Sirona® and ZirkonZahn® scanners; And finally the software part with the CAD / CAM Dental WorkNC Dental® presented by Laurent Journeau, Business Manager.
On the basis of concrete clinical cases, Dr Arnaud Soenen, Christophe Sireix and Laurent Journeau demonstrated the contribution of digital technology in Implantology to prosthetists and laboratories who responded even more this year. What is Digital Dentistry in Three Steps? Clinical Situation, Intra-Oral Optical Impression, Modeling and Numerical Conceptualization. This year, thanks to the presence of a patient requiring the installation of an occlusal gutter, the various participants and participants were able to study these three steps live; Of the Trios® optical impression, modeled in the Dental Wings®, processed in the WorkNC Dental® CAM and machined for the gutter in the Willemin-Macodel® 308 B, for models in the 408 B up to installation in mouth.

Thierry Dusseau, Laboratory DUSSEAU enchanted by the exchanges and the level of technique deployed during this weekend: A tray of speakers / technicians very competent. A collaboration Practitioners, Prosthetists, Machinists excellent. A lot of exchanges and a very good organization.
Christophe and Vincent Sireix the organizers conclude: A weekend with an exceptional atmosphere, partners who played the game, worked together, exchanged in a constructive spirit. Dr. Arnaud Soenen has given us presentations of very interesting cases made in optical imprint. All the participants were able to note that the technical platform was very high and signed for a third edition in 2015. We thank all the participants and all the partners and give them an appointment for next year, last weekend of June 2015."

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