TENEO : New standards of user-friendliness and convenience

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TENEO : New standards of user-friendliness and convenience
Monday, September 19, 2011Description :

Sirona’s products undergo continuous improvement and development. The TENEO treatment center has now been equipped with innovative functions designed to benefit dentists, patients and practice staff.

In its role as the dental industry’s technology leader Sirona regularly introduces product innovations with the goal of delivering genuine value-added benefits to dentists and dental laboratories. The work of Sirona’s development engineers does not stop at the moment a product reaches the marketplace. Instead, the company’s products are continuously enhanced and upgraded – and are thus outstandingly future-proof. The latest example is the premium-category TENEO treatment center, which has been equipped with several smart new functions. These ensure that the unit is now even easier to use and maintain.

The entire practice team will benefit from these innovations, which significantly streamline the day-to-day practice workflow. For example, the sanitization adapters of the built-in disinfection system are located directly on the water unit, thus eliminating the need for a separate sanitization hood. This saves valuable time. The handpieces are attached directly to the corresponding adapters and then automatically cleaned at the touch of a button with the aid of the convenient AutoPurge function.

The suction hoses can also be rinsed automatically by attaching them to the water unit. The relevant adapters are located on the outside of the water unit. At the touch of a button the hoses are rinsed with water for 15 seconds. Optionally, an approved chemical cleaning agent can be added to the rinsing water. The necessary tank is located behind the service door of the water unit.

Dentists will appreciate the enhanced user-friendly features of the TENEO treatment centre. For example, the chair movements have been speeded up. As a result the transition from the treatment position to the rinsing position and vice versa requires less time. In addition, the user can tailor numerous functions to his or her specific work situation – for example, the sensitivity of the no-touch sensor fitted to the LEDView operating light.

Various improvements have been made to the SIVISION digital package, which now boasts a large-format Full HD monitor. SIVISION Connect supports the integration of third-party software. The brilliant reproduction of X-rays, digital images and presentations directly at the chairside helps the patient to communicate effectively with patients. Well-informed patients are less anxiety-prone and more likely to accept the necessity of invasive therapy procedures. This in turn benefits the dentist and the practice team.

The new TENEO functions at a glance
Enhanced comfort and safety in connection with hygiene procedures

- Integrated sanitization adapters and AutoPurge function

- Automatic rinsing system for the suction hoses

- Handpieces and suction hoses can be attached to the adapters on the water unit

- At the touch of a button the hoses are rinsed with water for 15 seconds

- White cuspidor: removable and suitable for thermal disinfection

Improved patient communication

- SIVISION digital: 22? monitor with Full HD resolution and HDMI cable

- SIVISION Connect: integration of third-party software for patient communication purposes (presentation and processing of digital images, etc.)

Improved ergonomics thanks to new motor

- BL ISO C: compact lightweight motor with improved weight distribution and LED illumination – for users of contra-angles equipped with the INTRAmatic® LUX interface

Greater convenience thanks to customization options

- The sensitivity of the LEDview’s no-touch sensor can be adjusted via the EasyTouch user interface

- The triggering distance of the hands-free sensor can be adapted to the user’s individual requirements

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