ORTHOPHOS XG: leading panoramic unit now offers the optimum view in 2D and 3D

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ORTHOPHOS XG: leading panoramic unit now offers the optimum view in 2D and 3D
Sunday, March 20, 2011Description :

Hybrid unit – the newest member of Sirona’s X-ray family – provides a complete 2D/3D solution. Sirona software advances further improve image quality.

The ORTHOPHOS XG Family of panoramic imaging units are among the best sellers in the industry. The systems wide range of functions, excellent image quality and ease of use has impressed many users. Sirona, the dental technology leader has extended its product line with the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D hybrid unit, and is continuously improving the image quality of the classic X-ray machines. In addition, all ORTHOPHOS XG models delivered after the IDS will be in all white.

The X-ray hybrid, which was launched on the market in December 2010, considerably simplifies entry into DVT technology. With a 3D volume of 8 x 8 cm, which images the entire jaw-tooth area, the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D enables precise evaluations to be made, enabling the dentist to carry out treatment with greater reliability. The unit is particularly suited for use in endodontic or implantology procedures and in diagnosing cystic changes. With the XG3D’s ease of use and proven quality and work flow, this represents a perfect solution for general practitioners. .Dentists who purchased an ORTHOPHOS XGPlus or XG 5 within the last two years can easily retrofit the 3D module into their models.

Image quality is of crucial importance in x-ray diagnostics. As a result, Sirona continuously improves and upgrades its X-ray technology. At the IDS, Sirona will be presenting the new reconstructive techniques for suppressing metal artefacts and noise to achieve optimal image quality with minimum dose and perfect workflow.

However, it is not just the technique but the user that determines the quality of an X-ray image. Correct operation of the X-ray machine is just as important here as the correct positioning of the patient. The occlusal bite block from Sirona has simplified this procedure. This practical X-ray aid measures the tilt angle of the head and moves automatically into the correct nominal position for the patient, saving time and preventing incorrect exposures.

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